Give your old car a new look

You want to change the look of your car, but can't find a cheap and appropriate way to do it? Don't worry, we solve this problem!

Relying on our strong supply chain, we can provide you with high quality products at low prices. Our online store only uses 3MIJ180Cv3and 3MIJ40Cv3 high quality vinyl for car film. The quality of the products is fully guaranteed. At the same time we also support a high degree of customization services, you can come up with any idea, let us to implement it!

Our team is responsible for the concept of the client and the extension of the concept and the implementation of it. But most importantly, we always insist that all projects are unique artistic images and functional solutions, but the client is the soul of the project, so our constant standard and goal is to show his/her values and personality through design. We mainly lead him/her to realize the concept.

Our design cycle is usually around 3-5 days
 existing styles generally require 3 days of preparation and are delivered to you in 7-12 days

We never try to design more than we can handle. The design process takes time. And we'll have time to work on your project with you. Our workflow is based on 3-5 working days. We start today, about the day after tomorrow. We will only serve you in these three days. After we finally send the printable document to you for confirmation, we will start printing the document. During this time, we only work on your project, which helps us to complete each project quickly and satisfy all his/her requirements at the same time


          Roland SOLJET EJ-640

Roland Digital Soljet Pro XR-640

     Roland VersaCAMM VS-640i

Roland Sublimation Printer XT640