Porsche 997 GT2

by LIZHICHENG on May 06, 2021

Porsche 997 GT2 - Car Wrap Store

Porsche 997 GT2


It used to be that to install an intricate artistic design on a car one needed paint. Wrap vinyl allowed for detailed designs but with limitations. Not the case here.

In the traditional sense, artistic and intricate designs with paint, wrap vinyl could achieve but everything had to be layered with multiple color vinyls. There was a caveat though… If you wanted any type of color grading, you needed paint. Wraps could give you plenty of color alternatives, but still no gradients, halftones or full color.

Enter Full Color Vinyl Printers

These days, many high-end vehicle wrap shops like us have at their disposal full color large scale vinyl printers. These printers allow the wrap shop the freedom to wrap a car with any design imaginable. No longer are gradients and halftones only available to paint. Wrap vinyl can now be printed in full color allowing you the freedom to create your very own “paint” wrap masterpiece. You can have a commercial print with photos of your products or your star salespeople. Or you can have a full color print of the Mona Lisa on the hood of your Ferrari. A Picasso wrap? Sure, why not?


Full color printed car wraps done with high-quality vinyl printers offer the resolution to be able to mimic the look of many painting techniques, such as airbrush, brush strokes and even spray paint. Wrap vinyl can be had in metallic, allowing your prints to have a classic metal flake look. Combine some sort of complicated paint scheme with color gradients over metallic vinyl and you can achieve looks that were once impossible to achieve with anything other than paint. Maybe this is the reason some people refer to these as a paint wrap.